Patio And Driveway Cleaning

High-quality patio cleaning. We do all kinds of patios from Indian sandstone to block pathing, swimming pools and tennis courts and any patio you can imagine. Sealant is available at an extra cost which protects dirt and algae build up and over all durability of your patio

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Roof Cleaning 


Brick Cleaning

High-quality brick cleaning. We cater for all outside brick structures like retaining walls and outside structures. Sealant is also available as well as anti-graffiti clear pain and anti-mould paint at an extra cost 

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Decking Cleaning

High-quality decking cleaning service. We clean all types of decking from wooden deckings to composite decking. We can help to revitalise your decking and remove markings

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Commercial Cleaning 

We provide moss removal and a biocide treatment for roofing to prevent the build-up of organic growth for years to come. Having a roof covered in moss affects many things like your drive’s cleanliness, property dampness and drainage. We scrape your roof clean and then apply the treatment to remove all the remaining organic matter and, in the process, brighten up your roof 

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We offer a variety of treatments here at WNC. From soft washing, patio sealant, graffiti removal, oil stain removal, anti moss and mould paint for walls, decking anti-slip oil/ tans and much more!

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From commercial unit car parks, sidewalks, drive-throughs, schools, office buildings, universities to hospitals, petrol stations and pubs and restaurants. We have the equipment and knowledge to get the job done quickly and safely. Fully insured and the correct PPE is used

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